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Finger Save

Finger Save

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Finger Save

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Finger Save Protection

A  Quality Glove that has built in composite splines on the fingers providing support with a flat cut design to help stabilize the hand and prevent hyperextension and injury. 

Better (recommended for every day training)

All Weather glove for Turf and Grass usage
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Palm: Mega Grip 4 mm High Energy Latex
Back Hand: 3mm Supersoft Latex
Body: 3D Air Mesh Cushioning
Protection: Top Quality Composite Finger Splines
Wrist: Elastic Wrist Band 8cm with Super Soft Latex Strap

Glove Fitting
When sizing goalkeeper gloves keep this in mind try a glove that fits snug to your fingers and then go a 1/2 size larger. Goalkeeper gloves are predominately worn somewhat loose to allow for some movement upon contact with the ball to help "cushion" the impact allowing the goalkeeper to control a ball that is moving powerfully.

Clean your gloves:
Dirt and sweat break down the latex of the glove. Dirt acts as sandpaper and dries the soft, tacky, porous latex into a hard crusty surface. The toxins in your sweat also can dry out the gloves over time. Rinsing the gloves after a game will help wash the spit, sweat, and dirt away. How to clean: 
  1. Wash your gloves with luke-warm water.
  2. Gently squeeze excess water out. Wringing can tear the seam.
  3. A mild detergent can be used to help with the smell and really dirty jobs but it is not necessary.
  4. Hang dry.
NEVER accelerate the drying process with dryers, the sun, or dehumidifiers. All the above will take the natural moisture out of the gloves causing them to be dry and brittle.

Proper Storage:
After a game don't throw your gloves in a bag and forget about them until the next game. If your next game is tomorrow then wipe the dirt of the palm with a moist towel. Washing them for tomorrow's game may cause the gloves to be too wet. If that is the case, wrap the gloves in a moist  towel to keep them moist for tomorrow's game. You don't want your gloves drying with the dirt and sweat in the palm. Over time dirt and sweat will absorb the natural moisture of the palm causing the glove to dry, crack, and peel. Don't store your gloves more than a day wet since they will stink and begin to grow fungi. When storing your gloves don't place them with palms together since they can stick together and rip when trying to separate. A glove bag is the best way to store your gloves. The latex needs to breathe.
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